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5 Tips Prior to Selling Your House

  1. Get Pre-approved for a Home Loan

    Seller sometimes sign a contract to sell their house before they know if they qualify to buy another. Financial circumstances sometimes change since the last purchase, and they could no longer qualify for a loan or they weren’t able to sell at a price that allowed them to buy a type of replacement house they want.

  2. Check your mortgage payoff

    Call your lender to check the payoff for your current home mortgage.

  3. Determine how much your house is worth

    Determine your home’s fair market value, you can get your real estate agent to help you.

  4. Make necessary repairs

    Make all needed repairs unless you want your house to be regarded as a fixer-upper. Fix anything that is obviously broken that the potential buyer will notice to lower the price.

  5. Get your house ready to show

    Great curb appeal, fresh paint, organized closets and cabinets, clean windows and appliances and a clutter free look are essential if you want to appeal the buyers.